Ergohuman Pofit Office Chair
Ergohuman Pofit Office Chair
Ergohuman Pofit Office Chair
Ergohuman Pofit Office Chair
Ergohuman Pofit Office Chair
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Pofit World Class Ergonomic Chair - Black Mesh Without Apps

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POFIT redefines ergonomic chair. It applies technology to bring you more than 300% protection to your whole spine. POFIT achieved successfully whole-line support to spine rather than individual support. POFIT dynamic bionic spine pressure relief design, multi-directional & double-wing support chips to back muscles and livemotion lumbar tracking design, provide perfect and comfortable support to users’ whole back, including spine and back muscles group.


POFIT is combination of wisdom and technology. It suits all kinds of office environment. Ultimate dynamic bionic design gives more than 3 times support to spine and can maintain correct lumbar spine α angle. POFIT has the ability of protecting full spine and maintaining spine health to avoid damages. Furthermore, POFIT adopted modern advanced technology to achieve interaction of users and chair to guide users to adjust to correct positions and develop a healthy sitting posture.


Dynamic Bionic Spine Pressure Relief Design

Multi-directional & Double-wing Support Chips Design

LIVEMOTION Lumbar Tracking Design

Double-Height 5D Headrest

Intelligent Seat Cushion

New and Special Mesh Pattern for option

Frame in two colors for option

3D Armrest

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